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This section describes how to prepare your Docker image and container for uploading to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Any web application that you deploy to AWS Elastic Beanstalk from a Docker container must include at least one of two manifest files, either a Dockerfile or a file.

Scientists ‘freeze’ light for an entire minute | The Mind Unleashed

It sounds weird and it is. The reason for wanting to hold light in its place (aside from the sheer awesomeness of it) is to ensure that it retains its quantum coherence properties (i.e. its information state), thus making it possible to build light-based quantum memory. And the longer that light can be held, the better as far as computation is concerned. Accordingly, it could allow for more secure quantum communications over longer distances.

Garbage Collection Optimization for High-Throughput and Low-Latency Java Applications | LinkedIn Engineering

Understanding how GC works is important because of the large number of variables that need to be tuned. Oracle’s whitepaper on Hotspot JVM Memory Management is an excellent starting point to become familiar with GC algorithms in Hotspot JVM. To understand the theoretical aspects of the G1 collector, check out this paper.

Expanding the Cloud: Docker Containers in Elastic Beanstalk - All Things Distributed

We launched Elastic Beanstalk in 2011 with support for Java web applications and Tomcat 6 in one region, and we’ve seen the service grow to 6 container types (Java/Tomcat, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, and Node.js) supported in 8 AWS regions around the world. The Elastic Beanstalk team spends a lot of time talking to AWS Developers, and in the last few months they’ve noticed a common theme in those conversations: developers tell us they’re interested in Docker, and ask if we are thinking about making it easy to run and scale Docker workloads in AWS.

Amazon loads Docker app containerization into its cloud • The Register

Although admins have been free to run Linux containerization technology Docker on top of Amazon Linux running on its rentable EC2 servers for some time, the company on Thursday announced that Docker had been integrated with Elastic Beanstalk.

Amazon Web Services Blog: AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Docker

You can launch existing public and private Docker images. Each image contains a snapshot of your application and its dependencies, and can be created locally using a few simple Docker commands.To use an image with Elastic Beanstalk, you will create a file called This file specifies the image to be used and can also set up a port to be exposed and volumes to be mapped in to the container from the host environment. If you are using a private Docker image, you will also need to create a .dockercfg file, store it in Amazon S3, and reference it from the Authentication section of

Superconducting Qubit Array Points the Way to Quantum Computers | The UCSB Current

A fully functional quantum computer is one of the holy grails of physics. Unlike conventional computers, the quantum version uses qubits (quantum bits), which make direct use of the multiple states of quantum phenomena. When realized, a quantum computer will be millions of times more powerful at certain computations than today’s supercomputers.

Build custom directives with AngularJS | ng-newsletter

A bi-directional binding can be set up between the local scope property and the parent property using the = symbol. If the parent model changes, just like in normal data-binding then the local property will reflect the change.

atlassianlabs / atlassian-docker — Bitbucket configurations to deploy Atlassian products inside Docker containers (based on lxc and aufs).

Docker will make cloud apps portable -- next year | Cloud Computing - InfoWorld

Docker, an open source project providing a way to automate the deployment of Linux applications inside portable containers, is generating a lot of excitement. The underlying approach is not new: We’ve been using containers for years to componentize whole systems, abstracting them from the physical platform, so you can move them from platform to platform. But Docker brings the container approach to the cloud, so you can move Linux applications from cloud to cloud.

copytext 0.1.1 (beta) — copytext 0.1.1 (beta) documentation

On the NPR Visuals team we use this as part of our app-template. Whenever a project is rendered we fetch a Google Spreadsheet containing all the project’s editable text. This spreadsheet is passed to copytext, which produces an object suitable for using in our Flask templates. This allows us to give our writers and editors a document to write in which they are more comfortable with than they would be editing the code directly.

The Quest for Randomness » American Scientist

Determining whether numbers truly can have no pattern has implications for quantum mechanics, not to mention the stock market and data security.

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